Uranus : Solar cycle mystry

Uranus speaks to the psyche of artists, progressive thinkers, spiritual seekers, inventors, and creative minds. Uranus connects with anyone seeking to create—architects, scientists, explorers, and more. Uranus reaches for what is new and unexplored. From religion to politics; from volcanoes creating new land mass, to space exploration. Uranus strains against limitation, boundaries, rules, and confinement. Uranus, associated with the Tarot card, Fool, asks you to take the leap into the unknown and reinvent yourself. Uranus (chaos and creation), Neptune (subtle energies, inspiration, and unseen potential), and Pluto (destruction, power, tearing down, and explosive energy that leads to renewal) work together to move us forward, as a collective species, living on a planet, hurtling through space in a mind-blowing orderly way.

via Uranus – Planet of Mystery and “Gotcha!” Part 1 — Astrology Learning and Secrets


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