Jokes on Rahul Gandhi as a “Pappu” ////////////////

INDIA HAS NEVER SEEN A MORE ACRIMONIOUS and dirty political scene, starting with the 2014 Parliamentary election, which threw the dynasty-ruled Congress Party into the dustbin of history – at least for the time being. The foreign-born leader and her foreign-educated ‘young’ son leading the party were supposed to be ‘secular’, highly modern and progressive in […]

via A Yankee ‘Bhakt’ of Modi? — UnstoppableAfterSeventy


2 thoughts on “Jokes on Rahul Gandhi as a “Pappu” ////////////////

  1. I know many of the jokes are created and not true. They should be taken with a sense of humour (which Pappu seems to lack), but there must be some reason these crop up on WhatsApp and other media – other than BJP propagandists working overtime. I forwarded hundreds of them , and I AM NOT A BJP PROPAGANDIST- just anti-Congress.


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