Voyager’s 40 Years Ethernal Mission Summary Replys @2017

On the 20th of August 1977 it started – Voyager 2 was launched. Then on the 5th of September the twin spacecraft Voyager 1 was launched. Despite being the second to be launched Voyager 1 was names number one as it would arrive at it’s destinations before it’s sister craft. Jupiter On the 5th March […]

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The Giant Earth : Inclusion spreadingly ????????????????

The earth here redeems itself in spring stills itself gazing graciously upon the flight of cranes. These lakes now utterly thankful sipping their own water at high tea. Open fields thrust out their green grassy arms at the feet of rain brimming with ebullient life. Not so rustic, alas, we deal with incertitude our seasons […]

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Success Beauty : Exclusive //////////////////

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better Do better” ~Maya Angelou Sometimes the only reason I get out of bed in the morning is to Pray and that’s OKAY. However some days I just wake up feeling bleh. I honestly believe that my morning sets the tone for […]

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The Mysterious Behaviour of Cosmic Rays is enrolled by Astrophysicist ?????????????????????

Scientists developed a model which explains the nature of high-energy cosmic rays in our Galaxy From the MOSCOW INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY A team of scientists from Russia and China has developed a model which explains the nature of high-energy cosmic rays (CRs) in our Galaxy. These CRs have energies exceeding those produced by supernova […]

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The Fingerprints of God Provided by Scientist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A constant drum beat in our age is the skeptic’s mantra: “Prove God exists using Science.” It seems as though every public, social media comment promoting God is vehemently attacked with this sentiment. Even though the essence of the question is “as old as dirt,” each generation deals with it afresh. This series of blog […]

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Space Sunday: More Einstein, plus space plans Envolved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In his general theory of relativity, Albert Einstein predicted that whenever light from a distant star passes by a closer object, gravity acts as a kind of magnifying lens, brightening and bending the distant starlight in an effect known as “gravitational microlensing”. While such microlensing has been observed using the Sun, it has never been […]

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