Gravitational Time Dilation reveals the secrets of dark matters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relativistically Accumulated Mass-Energy

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Mysterious Planet Nine may be tilted our whole Solar System  exclusive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This story surfaced two months ago but – better late than never – we’d like to draw it to the attention of Talkshop readers, at least those who haven’t seen it already. Two recent studies have shown that the existence of a mysterious, hypothetical Planet Nine could explain why the planets in our Solar System […]

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NASA’s Secret Plan to Save Earth From Super-Volcanoes… Seriously// ?????????????????

Guest post by David Middleton I didn’t realize this was “Apocalypse Week”…. Apocalypse Week Volcano Geology Nasa’s ambitious plan to save Earth from a supervolcano With an eruption brewing, it may be the only way to prevent the extinction of the human race. By David Cox 17 August 2017 Lying beneath the tranquil settings of […]

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India’s major news involves @2017

January 2017 AGNI IV NUCLEAR CAPABLE MISSILE TESTED SUCCESSFULLY At the very beginning of the year, on 2nd January 2017 Agni IV nuclear capable ballistic missile was tested successfully from Dr. Abdul Kalam Island (formerly known as Wheeler Island). Agni IV is surface to surface missile that can travel up to 400 kilometers. It is […]

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Arrival (2016) Movie Interception Glory >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wow – what a surprise. Sometimes I can get very irritated by a trailer for giving too much away (case in point, “Room” – which I recut – and more recently “Passengers”). Sometimes I can get very excited by a really good teaser trailer (case in point, “10 […]

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Voyager’s 40 Years Ethernal Mission Summary Replys @2017

On the 20th of August 1977 it started – Voyager 2 was launched. Then on the 5th of September the twin spacecraft Voyager 1 was launched. Despite being the second to be launched Voyager 1 was names number one as it would arrive at it’s destinations before it’s sister craft. Jupiter On the 5th March […]

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The Giant Earth : Inclusion spreadingly ????????????????

The earth here redeems itself in spring stills itself gazing graciously upon the flight of cranes. These lakes now utterly thankful sipping their own water at high tea. Open fields thrust out their green grassy arms at the feet of rain brimming with ebullient life. Not so rustic, alas, we deal with incertitude our seasons […]

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